Bikes for businesses

Bike-sharing is an important component for companies to remain attractive in the future. However, to ensure that your employees enjoy using the service, numerous details need to be considered. We understand what matters.

When speed is of the essence, whether it's hot meals or urgent express courier services, we have the right vehicle for your business. Our engineering team implements tailor-made modifications for your specific needs.
Company vehicles
Whether it's a quick tour around the campus or fast delivery outside the company premises, our bikes and scooters add value to your business – as a popular mobility solution and for greater employee identification with the company.
Are you running a hotel or looking to create a tourism offering with two-wheelers? The high user-friendliness of our bikes ensures comfortable rides and plenty of fun. Optionally available with a particularly powerful e-drive for steep terrain.

Your checklist - what you need to consider

Every company has its own requirements. This makes it all the more important to precisely analyze the exact requirements and key parameters of a sharing system.

Preparation & basics
  • Which subsidies can be used?
  • What requirements need to be observed?
  • Is there already a fixed date for the start of the project?
  • Is a test run planned and how long will it last?
Infrastructure & fleet
  • Are conventional bikes, eBikes or pedelecs welcome?
  • Are cargo bikes also welcome?
  • Does the target group have special features?
  • Which rental and return devices are planned?
  • How many stations are planned?
  • Are they managed by the company itself?
  • How is the booking made, e.g. via an app?
Equipment, service & repair
  • Do you have your own service structure or does it need to be implemented first? How can damage to vehicles be repaired?
  • Does your workshop staff need training? Are special tools required for wheel repairs?
  • Are the bike number and QR code under the paint and easy to read?
  • Are standard add-on parts available from specialist dealers used that are also available in a matching color?
  • How long is the inside of the frame protected against corrosion?
  • Is the frame lock easy to operate?
  • Are all accessible screws rust-free?
  • What lighting solution is planned? Does it have a parking light at the front and rear?
  • Would you like a front basket and fastening straps on the luggage carrier?
  • Is the material UV and temperature resistant?
  • Are the brakes suitable for all-weather use?
  • Are non-slip pedals provided?

Our expertise.
For your concept.

Successful sharing requires flexible concepts. That is why we not only have wheels of the highest quality, but also an extensive network to bundle all relevant requirements and systems into one concept. We would be happy to come to you for a non-binding appointment and discuss your individual requirements.

Comprehensive advice and conception
Flexible production from small fleets to large quantities
Customization of the bikes to your needs
CI-compliant branding with logos, slogans or advertising
Direct, personal customer service

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